Entrepreneurship is 10% passion and 90% delusion

A series of comedic web short set in an up and coming technology start-up called GreenKite Web Solutions.

Written and produced by Mark Brombacher, GreenKite was conceived as a love letter to the inspiring, yet often delusional world of tech enterprise. Mark himself was the founder and CTO of an actual software startup called "GreenKite Web Solutions" From 2005 until it's demise in 2014. The mission of GreenKite the series is to chronicle many of the funny / sad stories and characters collected during this almost surreal time in his life.

All three episodes from Season 1 can be viewed below and more will be released in 2018


Look at me, I'm so important!
See the video is great! We just need to make it go viral!
You already told me that, and I don't believe you.
hotshot client Mike Anderson of Anderson Tire

Cast & Crew

Mark Brombacher
(Creator / Star)
Chris Peterson
(Client in Episode 1 "DOG")
Adnan Robyn
(Chris McVey)
Jessica Callaghan
(Bikini Girl)
Danielle LeBlanc
Brad Linton
(Fuckin' Gary)
Pranay Noel


Episode 1 - Dog

Episode 2 - Viral

Episode 3 - Saw


GreenKite will be returning with more web shorts in 2020!