Family Game Night

When a teenage girl invites a needy stranger over for a family dinner, things take a nefarious turn when father invites him to play a game.

From the twisted minds of writer Jon Arthur Kohan and Director Nick Ferwerda Family Game Night is a frightfully satirical romp through the world of this oddly functional suburban family.

This film has received scores of RAVE REVIEWS (see below) and will be premiering in the Toronto Indie Horror Festival in Summer 2018.

Reviews for : Family Game Night

[Short Horror Film Review] Family Game Night
Family Game Night is a short horror film written by Ali Chappell, and Jon Kohan, and directed by Nicholas Ferwerda. It's about a family that has a stranger over for the family game night, which is a time where the family ...
The Eddie Horror & Paranormal Podcast
“A family invites a stranger over for dinner and to participate in family game night. The Stanger quickly learns this is a game he has never played before” Family Game Night is a short enjoyable film that recently came to my attention.
Short Film Saturdays: “Family Game Night”
Nick Ferwerda’s 11 minute horror comedy, Family Game Night, follows the story of your everyday middle-class family as they sit down for some quality family time. You have mum, dad and a son and daughter. It starts out very normal...
Indie Horror Online : Family Game Night (2018)
Have you got trouble? Wait! Don’t run. This kind of trouble is lots of fun. Well, maybe you should run! Director Nicholas Ferwerda explores bonding time with Family Game Night (2018).


Premiering at Toronto Indie Horror Fest
Game on...
Dad has an idea
A dinner guest
Brother and sister
It's just a game!

Cast & Crew

Jenny Fischer
Brad Linton
Nick Ferwerda
Mark Brombacher
Meredith Heinrich


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  • Toronto Indie Horror Festival 2018
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